This article is for those using Clippings Pro.

After you create a quote, there are three possible states that it can have. 

  • Instant quote
  • Pending quote
  • Invalid quote

Instant quote

You'll be able to see an instant quote immediately if all the products in your project are in the Clippings Marketplace. 

Pending quote

A quote is pending when there are items included that quote that are not within the Clippings Marketplace. This notifies your Account Manager that this needs to be sourced. We endeavour to have this quote ready within 48 hours for you.

To cancel a pending quote, open it from the quotes page and click 'cancel request' at the bottom of the screen.  

Invalid quote

After you've created a quote, it can become invalid if one of more of these actions occurs:

  • A product from another quote has been ordered
  • A product is deleted the project
  • A product quantity in the project is changed 
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